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Mysterium druidum - Sylvie Bodorova

Sylvie Bodorová wrote Mysterioum druidum for Englichová and the Chamber Music Festival in Tucson, Arizona. It’s for harp and strings, as with the Lukáš. The work is inspired by Celtic myth and bardology, and the three movement work celebrates them in sound. The first movement takes their trees as its central motif, and there’s fiercely evocative writing as well as one of her surging tunes – listen from around 3:40 (it’s tremendous). The second movement is called Vindobona, the name of a Celtic settlement in what is now Vienna. This sounds intriguingly like a very stripped-down Tallis Fantasia – there’s a baronial elegance as well to the writing before bardic soliloquies for the strings. This unleashes a hell-for-leather finale in which Fire Demons prevail; the daemonic dance is infused with folklore once more and full of vitality and drama. ... Jonathan Woolf - MusicWeb
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