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Megiddo - Sylvie Bodorova

Sylvie Bodorová's Megiddo piano trio owes its title to an eponymous location in Israel, 'where I realised how human everything was - compared with the long breath of history - how small, irrevocable, mortal.' The piece was written in 2001 as a commission from the Leamington Festival in England. The piece has at once a kind of monumental strength, established in the powerful opening statement, as well as a fragility expressed in atmospheric and soulful tonalities and a sense of freedom between the players. There are some 'variable elements' introduced in the second movement, but in comparison with Fiala's works there is in any case a sense of greater space between the instrument, or between strings and piano. Even where unity drives the music, special resonant sustain effects in the piano separates the power of the notes from a kind of silent non-silence. sample The composer states that 'the work concentrates on peculiarities of texture', but there is also a great deal of emotive expression going on in the second movement, and the final Armagedon launches itself with punishing, rhythms which build to an apocalyptic climax. With a return to the mournful sensations earlier in the piece, the work concludes in softly treading mystery. ... Dominy Clements - MusicWeb
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