Hudební skladatelka



Bodorová's seems, in one way or another, to be bound up with the composer's feelings about the death of Ton de Leeuw with whom she studied briefly in the 1980s. It is a melodic work as you would expect if you have heard any Bodorová before. The music moves ecstatically between the peaceful polarities of Bach's violin concertos, of the Finzi Introit and the Barber violin concerto. It is a most beautiful work and radiates an aura of contentment - of blessing. From a decade later comes Bern Concerto which has a less vulnerable human heart although Bodorová drops the defences once in the first movement before the steely springy writing returns. A tender Amorevolmente with echoes of the middle movement of Tippett's Triple Concerto separates the first movement from the third which once again has strong Tippett DNA. ... Rob Barnett - MusicWeb
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